In my bachelor thesis I choose the topic to develop a new information system for museums. While doing the research my suspicion, that visitors have a bigger need of information about exhibits than provided by most museums, was confirmed. For the visitor the exhibits receive additional benefit if they can understand them better because of more background information. Possible ways to solve the problem could have been a mobile device for every visitor, or a fixed information point or projections. I realised that not changing the impact of the room was really important. The information system should only be visible if needed so the visitor can decide if and when he wants more information. To give consideration to these requirements I decided to work with projections. Stepping on marks on the ground can activate these. The marks also function as navigation to move between the information divided in artist, exhibit and context. If leaving the marks on the ground the projection fades out. This system can be implemented by distance-sensors above the marks, who check if someone is standing on the marks and if so starting the projection.