This short time project with duration of 12 days was about souvenirs for museums. The goal was to design a souvenir for the museum shop with additional benefit. I did this project in the 2nd semester in a group of 4 students. We decided to use the typical museum souvenir – the pen and give it a special feature to make it more interesting. The pen is always one of the cheapest souvenir in the museum. That is why we decided to work on the pen. Giving it a rubber with a shape that allows connecting the pens was the idea we started to work on. With the shape we were able to build big structures, which will draw attention to the visitors. Picking one pen from the big structure to buy it creates a memorable experience. Collecting pens from museums allows the visitors to start building their own structures at home, always remembering the exhibition and the museum they bought it from.

Groupmembers: Jenny Grossmann, Piotr Szpryngwald, Simone Schramm, Mirko Ihrig