hamster is a project about reducing bureaucracy for freelancer doing their tax return. We focused on the tax return system in Germany.

Tax accountants often complain about the lack of receipts and missing information on receipts. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to collect receipts so we thought: why not collect receipts while paying? While paying one just has to ask for saving the receipt via the chip on the cash or credit card. If paying by cash one can hand out the cash card and just save the information via the chip.

For this procedure the cash cards just need an extra chip, which can be easily added nowadays. So there will be a bank account and an account for the receipts. When logging in online on hamster the receipts can be sorted and enriched with necessary information like on the receipt for entertainment expanses.

The need for sorting the receipts in different categories depending on the job is obvious. Freelancers have to save a lot of receipts and put them in different categories. When the receipts are ready they can be forwarded to the tax accountant. The tax accountant can work much faster and easier with the pre-sorted receipts.


Team: Jenny Grossmann, Schwanhilde Schömers, Simone Schramm