high light train


In my Erasmus exchange in the 4th semester to Portugal I had the chance to participate on the Alstrom Design Challenge. In a group of 4 people we worked on a new interior design for a train. This new high-speed train is planned to go from Portugal to Spain and back in 2 to 3 hours. One of the goals was to be as spacious as possible while fitting in as many seats as possible. We decided to transfer the luggage boxes of the plane to the train, because they feel much safer than the luggage space in a train, giving them a bottom made of glass so one forgets its luggage. In the 1st class everyone can sit on a big table, while in the 2nd class everyone has a small table on the back of the front seat. For reducing noise in the carriage we added glass partition panels that include liquid crystal information such as local time and outside temperature and arrival time as well as next station. As I focused on the lighting in the train I wanted to add illuminating stripes that completely circle the carriage. To give the train an identity by adding something typical Portuguese we used Azulejos the famous Portuguese tiles as a pattern for wholes of the air condition. In the bar carriage we used the space given to direct the chairs to the windows so the passengers can relax and look outside while having a drink.