The chair was designed for the use in different departments of the office. There are two models, one chair is for the canteen and the second one is for the conference room. Both models are based on the same sled. The different backs define the use of the chair. Because of a connection peace there are only a few handles needed for mounting the chair. This enables a just in time production for the manufacturer. The sled is produced in advance and because of its shape it is cheap and easy to store. For the canteen chair we focused on a solid structure, easy to clean material and lightweight structure to put on top of the tables. The conference chair had to solve other requirements as to look comfortable and welcoming. Both chairs had to be ergonomically shaped and enable active sitting for talking and listing and passive sitting for leaning back and relaxing.


Group member: Maria-Luise Marschall
Photography by Maria-Luise Marschall