note-book is an e-reader for professional musicians to replace the numerous sheets of music and to help practice new opuses.






Professional musicians carry around a lot of books of music and loose sheets of music. To help them organize their sheets of music and release them from carrying around so much I decided to design an e-reader.

I focused on the environment of musicians. They are surrounded by artistic shaped instruments and the e-reader needs to fit into this by not looking too technical.

Therefor I chose leather for the cover. It was really imporant to not change the look of the sheets of music and keeping the interface more like a book of music. The features have to match with the personality of the musician. It is important to be able to make notes on the sheet of music but every musician has his own handwriting with signs that only make sense to him or her. Handwritten notes can be added by writing them on the e-paper by hand or pen. This way the personal handwriting can be preserved.

If needed a little sign below the notes can be displayed to indicate the position on the notes while playing. Critical parts of the composition can be highlighted to practice them more often. To flip the pages the musician just has to swap over the page. To recharge the battery and upload sheets of music the e-reader can be connected via USB.