Urban Capsule

The Project “Urban Capsule” was developed during the first Master Semester at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Germany.

Cities are growing fast while their hunger for food needs to be satisfied by fewer and fewer farms.To contribute to this developement people will have to use the urban space to produce food. While looking for a suitable area to grow food the vertical space for example on skyscrapers is not used so far.

Buildings made from prefabricated slabs meet the need for standardized sizes and statics to apply the parasitic architecture to. The capsule can be used to grow vegetables and fruits as well as small animals like rabbits or chicken.
Adding the capsules to the grey buildings made from prefabricated slabs can prevent removing of these durable, yet ugly buildings.

Groupmembers: Jenny Großmann, Franziska Böttcher, Adrian Reinboth, Artur Handzik, Indre Abaturovaite, Lorenz Koseck